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Backing Vocals
Lead Guitar
  I have played in various bands for over 20 years. Back in the 70's, I was a member of The Illusions, and our keyboard player, Bucky, was also a member of that band.
    I stopped playing for about 15 years and I found myself full circle in 2004 --teaming up again with Bucky to create music. But, this time, I'm taking a ride on the "COUNTRY" side!
Mike's Favorites
Cartoon:    Any political debate is a cartoon, to me.
Candy:    All of them
Cookie:    All of them
Sport:    Scuba Diving
Animal:    Frog Fish
TV Show:    Lost, CSI
Actor:    Ozzie Osborne
Actress:    Paris Hilton
Collection:    Underwater Photography
Movie:    Castaway
   Mike and his "Manager"
steel creek country music band
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