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Bass Guitar
  I started playing bass in teen bands in 1965 and performed covers of old Stax and AM radio hits for Army Service Clubs at Fort Knox, KY, and local teen clubs. After taking a very long break from music for school, family, and a career move to New Jersey, my daughter inspired me to pick up the bass again.  Although old as dirt, I've continued playing in blues and classic rock cover bands in NJ and PA ever since. My son is a professional drummer and I'm proud that I have also been able to play alongside him.  I am very pleased to provide the low notes for SteelCreek and I hope to continue this for a very long time!
Ken's Favorites
Cartoon:    Finding NEMO
Candy:    No Thanks
Cookie:    Oatmeal Raisin
Sport:    Scuba Diving and Kayaking
Animal:    Dogs
TV Show:    The Daily Show
Actor:    Morgan Freeman
Actress:    Sigourney Weaver
Collection:    Dogs -- maintaining the herd at 3
Movie:     The original "ALIEN"
steel creek country music band
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