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Lead Vocals
   While I am a solo performance artist, I decided to join STEELCREEK to sing the country music cover songs which I've come to love. My music career started after a knee injury when I was in high school. That's when I taught myself to play guitar. Luckily I had a voice to go with it!!
     After composing music and writing most of the lyrics for over 90 songs, I recorded my first album, Gravity  at The Menagerie Studio in 2001. Songs from my CDs, Gravity  and Right Before My Eyes can be found on iTunes to download. In my spare time, I continue to work on the production of my third CD, Black and Blue.  For more information on Jeni, Click HERE.
Jeni's Favorites
Cartoon:    Smurfs, Eeyore (from Winnie the Pooh)
Candy:    Twix
Cookie:    Double Stuf Oreos
Sport:    Volleyball & Running
Animal:    Cat, Panda Bear
TV Show:    Perfect Strangers, The Sing Off, 24
Actor:    Dean Cain
Actress:    Sandra Bullock
Collection:    Everything!!
Movie:    Ghost and My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Jenihackett                       Jeni Hackett
steel creek country music band
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