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Background information on SteelCreek:
 About the Band:


SteelCreek is a six-member band located in the Lehigh Valley Area of Pennsylvania. We sing LIVE "new country" cover songs as well as some classic tunes. We select danceable music so this is your band if you enjoy country line dancing. But, if you prefer listening to music, instead of dancing, SteelCreek will have you clapping and swaying in your seats. Whether your event is a carnival, club, festival, or private party, SteelCreek's professional experience and enthusiasm will make it a successful and memorable occasion. We aim to please and we usually do!

The musicians of SteelCreek perform with musical clarity and pure vocals from our singer - songwriter Jeni, and Dennis, who captures the essence of the best male country singers. Our vocalists, together with lead guitarist Mike, bass guitarist Ken, Guy on drums, and Bucky at keyboards, deliver top entertainment. The band members have played all of their lives in lounge bands, rock bands, solo performances, and even polka bands. Each musician brings different influences to the band and the combined musical backgrounds add a rich fullness to the sound of SteelCreek.

 About the Name:


We honor the former workers and the legacy of the Bethlehem Steel Co., Bethlehem PA, USA.

STEEL: in honor of the workers of the Bethlehem Steel Company, Bethlehem, PA, U.S.A.
CREEK: for the Monocacy Creek, whose waters flow into the Lehigh River along which the buildings of the Bethlehem Steel Company were built.

This photo, of the 170-feet tall blast furnaces that loom in the skyline, is one of the machine shops of Bethlehem Steel. Here is where Steelworkers not only built America but saved the world by supplying the U.S. Navy with steel for its ships and arming two world wars. The blast furnaces closed in December 1995. Steelmaking was gone in Bethlehem but the steel site is a legacy.

   During World War II, Bethlehem Steel employed about 31,000 men and women who worked 24 hours a day     forging steel for gun barrels and battleships. The company remained strong into the 1970s, providing the steel beams for skyscrapers and bridges throughout the U.S. The workers of Bethlehem Steel helped to frame the Hoover Dam, build the Golden Gate Bridge and the U.S. Supreme Court building.

steel creek country music band
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