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   I started playing drums at age eight, and studied privately for seven years.  I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin, Rush, and Aerosmith just to name a few.  I joined my first band at age 15.  I have played in many different styles of bands throughout the years including rock, jazz, surf, grunge, country and Christian contemporary music.  Through the years I have enjoyed doing studio sessions for different artists.  I have also taught drums for over 30 years and enjoyed seeing many of my students become accomplished drummers.  I love playing country music because it gives me a chance to use a lot of different drumming techniques.  I look forward to playing with SteelCreek for many years.
Guy's Favorites
Cartoon:    Scooby Doo
Candy:    Kit Kat
Cookie:    Chocolate Chip
Sport:    Deer Hunting
Animal:    Whitetail Deer
TV Show:    Seinfeld
Actor:    Nicholas Cage
Actress:    Sandra Bullock
Collection:    Anything Drum Related
Movie:    Meet the Parents
steel creek country music band
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